I’ve owned a few cars over the years and each time I have looked around for my next car, I have always been extremely indecisive about what car I wanted to buy! Some people just simply buy the next-generation model they currently own, but the trouble is, if the car manufacturer stops producing the model that you own, what do you do next?

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful ways that can help you decide on what car to buy next, so if you are currently in the market for a used car, here are some of the most common ways to find out what car you want to buy!


Hire different cars

As weird as this suggestion sounds, one way of finding out what car you should be buying is to simply hire some different cars for a day or so! Of course, this can be a somewhat expensive way of finding the right car for you, but if you don’t currently have a car it’s a good way of getting a good way to test out a car’s suitability.

If you work for a car hire company, this would be a potentially cheaper way of achieving the same end result!

Take long-term test drives from new car dealers
Let’s say that you live in Nottingham and you are in the market for a used car. Most of the new cars on offer from main dealers can be purchased cheaply from used car dealers such as Hilton Garage, so you could always take a “new” car out for a test drive and when you come across the one you want, head over to a used car dealer to buy it!

I know this is perhaps morally wrong, but you aren’t under any obligation to buy the car you take for a test drive! And who knows – if you wanted to buy a brand new car in the future, you could use the experience to determine where you would want to buy one from!

Drive your friend’s cars

Sometimes your mates might drive cars that you are thinking of buying. Assuming that you already own a car and have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy that allows you to drive other cars with third party cover, you could always smile sweetly at your mates and ask them if they’d let you drive their cars.

I once decided to buy a particular make and model of car because I was interested in the car a friend of mine drove at the time, and he let me drive the car when we once went out on an impromptu road trip.

Watch Top Gear

Motoring programs on TV such as Top Gear take many different types of cars out on the road and on their test tracks for review, and it’s a great way of finding out whether a certain car is for you or not.

Top Gear has been going for several decades now, so you could always watch the older episodes on the “Dave” Freeview/satellite channel if the car you want is a few years old.


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