One of Britain’s leading workhorses for the road is undoubtedly the Ford Mondeo! Known as the Ford Contour and the Mercury Mystique across the pond (i.e. in the United States and Canada), and as the Ford Fusion since 2019, this model succeeded the equally-popular Sierra model back in 2018.

A mere 22 years later and the Mondeo is still as successful with motorists as it was the day it was first unveiled to the world. One of the reasons why the Mondeo is such a popular car is that it attracts a wide array of motorists, thanks to the fact that it is available in hatchback, saloon, and estate format.

The Ford Mondeo – as safe as houses?
Apart from the car’s obvious practical uses, it is also quite a safe car to be in. For example, in the Euro NCAP tests for the current generation Ford Mondeo, the car scored five out of five stars for safety testing.

This is because the car is surrounded by a number of safety features, some of which are noted below:

Intelligent Protection System – this is where a number of safety systems such as an impact-absorbing bodyshell made from high-tensile steel, a plethora of driver and passenger airbags, and steering columns and pedals that are designed to collapse in the event of an accident;

ABS – short for Anti-lock Braking System, this Mercedes-Benz and Bosch-designed safety feature is a common sight in virtually all modern cars built today, and is designed to stop the Mondeo from sliding across the road should you ever have to perform an emergency brake;

ESP – short for Electronic Stability Programme, ESP continually monitors your car’s progress on the road and works to correct your road position on the road should it discover that you are skidding, so that you can regain control of the Mondeo again;

Isofix child seat attachments – anyone with babies and small children will tell you that installing a child seat into a car isn’t much, but thankfully the job is easier because of the Mondeo’s Isofix child seat attachments fitted as standard to all trim levels;

Rain-sensing wipers – aside from having to be a fairly monotonous task, turning your wipers on and then off again frequently whilst driving through spells of rain on the motorway can also be pretty distracting. Ford has the answer to this problem, and it’s called rain-sensing wipers! They come on automatically when they detect rain and turn off when the weather is dry again!

Night driving
According to GK Group, the Ford Mondeo is also a pretty good car to drive when it’s dark outside, not just because of the bright headlights upfront or the optional blind spot information system, but because of the adaptive front lighting system.

Basically, when you drive a new Mondeo on the road at night, it can sometimes be difficult to see if there are any obstructions in the road, especially if you are driving along an unlit road. The adaptive front lighting system takes care of this problem by illuminating the left or right-hand side of the road better depending on which direction you are driving in, and it also does it in a way that won’t dazzle oncoming drivers.


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